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Cooling Wrist Bands

Wrist Wrap Band

The wrist wrap has been designed to assist in cooling both medical conditions and industrial applications. The lightweight band will assist cooling in medical conditions where heat is a problem such as MS, eczema etc.

The wrist piece has also been developed for industrial applications where thick gloves or sleeves must be worn; it was developed in conjunction with Energex and Ergon Energy for their overhead line workers.



In line with its on going commitment to R&D, Arctic Heat Products have now released a new range of products.

It is our policy not to just release products as a reaction to any competition, our R&D Department researches a need and then develop a product to fill this need with our revolutionary technology.

The new products have been designed from a need in the medical field and industrial cooling area. We have worked closely with specific people in these areas and as a result are now ready to release these products.

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