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Arctic Heat Products has delivered to many of the world's athletes a cutting edge technology cooling vest that greatly enhances elite performance for longer periods, reducing the chance of debilitating heat stroke. The vest which is Australian owned, invented, designed, manufactured and made from Australian wool will be worn by athletes from many nations over many differing sports but ironically will not be able to be worn by Australian athletes due to a sponsorship arrangement.

Australia's athletes will be wearing a vest developed by an offshore company using technology originally created by the Australian Institute of Sport for the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. This vest which is filled with ice packs is old and outdated which causes great limitations on how it can be used. Let's compare the two vests.

Vest to be worn by Australian Athletes:

  • Bulky and contains 18 ice packs
  • Is frozen for 24 hours and can be used for 1hour.
  • Can only be used pre-event
  • Weighs 3kg when frozen and heavier when not frozen
  • Can only be used as a frozen ice vest
  • Only about 140 hours of lab-testing was done on vest
  • Lowers core temperature which can cause other problems like colds and shivering
  • No design features on placement of ice packs
  • Needs mechanical means to be frozen.

Arctic Heat Body Cooling Vest:

  • Made from Sportwool and Microfibre which are materials specifically designed for body cooling.
  • Lightweight and contains a special gel which has the ability to hold temperature for long periods.
  • If frozen for 2 hours will give up to 2 hours continuous use in hot conditions.
  • Can be re-cooled by placing in ice or ice water for 2-3 minutes, so instant cooling at any time.
  • Weighs 800 gms – 1 kg when fully activated for use and is no more bulky than a singlet.
  • Can be used at any time, pre-event, during event or post-event.
  • Does not need mechanical means to be re-cooled.
  • Can be used completely dry, damp or wet and can be used ice, cold or cool what ever temperature athlete desires.
  • Vest can also be used as a heating vest if necessary, the only vest that can be used both ways.
  • 3 years of development and lab-testing before being released for use and continuous testing still going on to improve the vest for all uses.
  • Tested by the CSIRO.

Claims made by a rival company that their vest is a secret weapon and something completely new for the Australian athletes are false as the AOC were approached by representatives of Arctic Heat three years ago and recommended the Arctic Heat vest to all its teams for use in Athens. Many Australian athletes have been using the Arctic Heat vest over this time and have been extremely satisfied with the way it works and its flexibility, it would be interesting to see which vest the athletes would use if given a choice. Is there any relevance that the rival company had to give their vests away?

Athletes using ice baths to cool them down is as outdated as the technology of this other ice vest and it would be hard to imagine elite athletes still use this extreme outdated measure to pre-event cool. The Arctic Heat vest has been used by leading Organisations such as the Australian Football League, Cricket Australia, Australian Tennis Open, Australian Netball to name a few and also England and Uruguay in the last Soccer World Cup and by France in last years Rugby World Cup. The Arctic Heat vest is now used by most elite sportspeople in many different sports. The Arctic Heat vest was also used by Doctors operating on victims of the Bali bombings allowing them to spend many more continuous, comfortable hours in the operating theatre without being affected by heat stress.

Athletes from UK, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, China, USA and the Netherlands have been using the Arctic Heat vest for up to twelve months now and will have a distinct performance advantage over the Australians as they are not restricted to using a cooling vest pre-event only, they can use the Arctic Heat vest anytime. All these countries have opted for the Arctic Heat vest after endless hours of research by there experts and have paid for the Arctic Heat vest, not expected giveaways, I suppose the best is worth paying for.

The Arctic Heat vest works by cooling skin temperature and stabilising core temperature, which is the bodies' natural way of cooling. The Arctic Heat vest when in an ice state can drop skin temperature by up to 17 degrees Celsius keeping core temperature stable with a movement of only about .5 of a degree; this avoids problems like extreme movement of core temperature, colds and shivering occurring. By cooling the skin so effectively it takes a long period of time before skin temperature returns to ambient temperature and thus heat starting to affect an athlete's performance. Arctic Heat has also spent many hours developing the right amount of cooling gel in their vest so to effectively cool enough skin area but not to be heavy. Arctic Heat has also strategically placed the gel pockets on the vest so as not to cause damage to any body parts or functions.

These are the facts with this matter and it is a shame that false claims are made in an attempt for recognition. Arctic Heat is happy for athletes and in fact anybody in need of a body cooling vest to be the judge of performance and result.



In line with its on going commitment to R&D, Arctic Heat Products have now released a new range of products.

It is our policy not to just release products as a reaction to any competition, our R&D Department researches a need and then develop a product to fill this need with our revolutionary technology.

The new products have been designed from a need in the medical field and industrial cooling area. We have worked closely with specific people in these areas and as a result are now ready to release these products.

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